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Revised On January 12, 2016

Dear website visitor, thank you for your support and thank you for using Content Plane services. The following Terms of Service represent a framework upon which your relationship between Content Plane and yourself will be carried on. Please make sure you read them carefully since by using them, you agree with these Terms of Service. Content Plane reserves the right to make changes to the website without prior notice to the website users.

In case you don't agree with any of the stated terms and conditions, you can always refrain from using the website and Content Plane services.

Content Plane is a content creation agency, providing copywriting services to its clients. We offer a guarantee that each piece of content is 100% plagiarism-free, original, and that it's checked by Copyscape. Exceptions to this guarantee are only regarding legal and technical phrasing where it is necessary to form sentences in such manner so that the very exact meaning is conveyed.

Content Plane's content shall not break any copyright or patent laws, best to our knowledge. However, if you deem so and have a reasonable doubt, by using this website and our services you agree to first notify us about possible breach of copyright laws so that we may commence the investigation immediately.

Content Plane Registered User

Before ordering our services, you have to sign up for an account. It's easy, and it only has a few steps, but once you have an account you can manipulate your orders, review them, and after approval, pay them accordingly.

Please make sure to maintain the integrity of your account, and protect your user name and password. We will accept all orders coming from your account, and every action you perform while logged in, we will deem as one of the registered user.

Please inform us of any security breach regarding your username and password information, and we will provide you with new login data.

Registered User isn't allowed to transfer his rights or username and password information to any third party, or to create multiple accounts. Also, Content Plane registered user isn't allowed to use the account for any fraudulent, illegal or immoral activity.

As a registered user, by using this site, and in order to make sure the ordering process and the entire communication between you and Content Plane is done successfully, you agree to allow us to collect your personal information, including but not limited to your name, physical and email address, Skype ID, etc. The ways in which this information can be collected are various - you may submit it through contact forms, messages, by using this site, placing orders, talking to our staff or by any other similar communication means. This will always be performed with your knowledge.

Personal and Non-personal Collection of Information

Content Plane reserves the right to collect non-personal information including, but not limited to demographic information, or technical information regarding the software and hardware used by the users to access our website.

Content Plane shall never disclose any personal information about the registered user to any third party. Exception to this rule is only if such information is requested by the law enforcement agency or the government. Content Plane may send you promotional newsletters about our own or third party services, however, you have the right to opt out of those. Simply send us an email if you don't want to be on our mailing list. Don't worry, while we do love words, we won't spam you.

We may share your non-personal information with marketers in order to improve our business model.

Content Plane shall protect your information, however, and we shall not be held responsible or liable in any case, if there is a breach. That includes any injury, loss, damage, penalty, cost, claim or similar, that is incurred by the usage of Content Plane's website or services. You as the registered user agree to assume all the responsibility for using our website.

We love Cookies!

At certain times, we will ask you to enable cookies in order to make the user experience on the website better. You can always choose not to enable them, however, please bear in mind that there might be a loss of functionality.

Order Process

Placement of an Order

Only registered users can place an order, using all the perks of their account. As soon as we collect all the necessary information, the complete brief, regarding the content you are ordering, only then we will begin our work. The start date doesn't occur upon receiving the order, but once the Content Plane gets the complete instructions. This is because we want to make sure we've got everything right before we commence our work, so that you could get only the best, premium content corresponding to your requirements. We will attempt to contact you several times, and we would advise that you respond in a timely fashion so that we could start working as soon as possible.

We will keep your order for three months, and during that time we will await for your instructions. After that, we will delete the data and you will have to order again if you want the content.

Cancellation Policy

In case you want to cancel your order, please do so within 15 days of your order. We will refund you your payment, minus the 15% cancellation fee, if the work on the project hasn't begun. If the work has commenced, there will be no refunds, and you will get the content you paid for.

Order Payment

Please bear in mind that no work will commence on any order until the order payment is received in full.

Content Brief

Clients are expected to send a complete content brief, because only then we can ensure that your requirements are fully met and the content delivered truly serves your purpose. We will contact you as soon as possible if we require some extra information.

The word count is only descriptional, and content delivered will not be comprised of stated number of words precisely to the word. That means that if a client orders the 500-word article, the final content we deliver might have 492 words or 515. The word count is only a guideline for our writers.

If for some reason we cannot deliver the stated number of words, we will always contact you and state why there is a difficulty and how to resolve it.

However, if there are fewer or more words than what you ordered, there will be no price change. We won't charge you less, or charge you more - the price agreed upon in advance is the amount you are required to pay.

Content Revision

After you receive the ordered content, you have three (3) days to inform us regarding the rewriting or any other changes. Silence gives consent, so if you don't revise the content and don't contact us about the changes, the system will automatically mark the order completed, and we will deem it as satisfactory.

We do offer unlimited revisions for the content you ordered, unless the registered user is abusing this privilege. If that is the case, we reserve the right to decline further business relationship. We will correct style, structure and we will perform minor changes to the content, but revision doesn't imply the creation of the absolutely new content. Registered user can demand a total rewrite only if there was a major error on our part, and we shall re-submit the content as soon as possible.

We have editors and content managers who are absolute experts and native speakers. They will check, double-check, and even triple-check in some cases, for all grammar and spelling errors before we deliver you our content.

All content delivered is in American English.

Order Cancellation Policy

Client cannot cancel any order that has already been submitted, or any order for which the work had already commenced. Registered Users can give a one (1) month notice for monthly plans, where they are still held responsible for paying for the upcoming month. However, they will still receive all the content they ordered and paid for.

Academic Content

Content Plane will never accept any order where we deem that the content will be used for academic or school credit, and which will be graded. We do, however, offer proofing services to all registered users. If we learnt that our work has been used for academic purposes and falsely stated as student's own work, we will terminate the account without any given notice.


Content Plane will legally transfer the copyright to the registered user upon receiving the payment and delivering the content to the client. Until then, the copyright belongs to Content Plane and the writer. This transfer of copyrights doesn't require any type of written contract and is legally binding to all registered users who use our services and this website.

We guarantee that all content is 100% original. We will always perform copyscape.com checks before delivering the content and transferring the copyright. Content Plane has signed contracts with its writers that ensure the standards of content submission are being upheld.

The Writing Process

Registered user will have no contact with the writer directly, all communication is done by the assigned Content Manager who evaluates user's requests and briefs and then assigns the most competent writer and a professional in the required niche.


No work shall commence until the orders are paid in full. The writing and work on your orders will only begin once the orders are paid for, and this policy is valid for both new customers and the regular ones. The writer will get all your details and full brief once the Content Plane verifies your order and the payment is processed.

Monthly Plans

Registered users who have signed up for our monthly packages will be charged on a monthly basis and will receive the content they paid for. The quantity of the content is relevant to the chosen monthly content plan.

Cancellation of the monthly plan must be done in advance, by a written notice. All standing orders will be charged and the content will be delivered. The cancellation of the contract shall not be valid until all obligations are met by the registered user and Content Plane. The registered user is obliged to pay for the month in which he requested the cancellation, and Content Plane will deliver all content planned for that month, upon which, starting from the next month, the cancellation shall be in effect.

Content Plane reserves the right to change the pricing of individual orders and monthly plans without prior notice, at any given time.

Payment Issues

Content plane will notify the registered user immediately, regarding the order payment. If the client doesn't perform a payment within seven (7) days upon receiving the notification, Content Plane will cancel the project entirely and will remove the project details.

Google DMCA

Content Plane abides by the Google's regulations regarding content and SEO, and registered users and website visitors accept Content Plane's terms and conditions, as well as those of Google as well, by using our website and services.

If the payment is retracted for any reason after our content delivery, the content legally doesn't belong to you and by using it you will be violating copyright laws. Also, all results from posting such content that is against the law. This means that SEO and Google ranking achieved by Content Plane's content solely belongs to Content Plane.

We will attempt to resolve the issue by contacting the registered user first, and establishing where seems to be the problem. However, Content Plane has to be paid for the services it provided and delivered, which means that we will be obliged to file a Google DMCA complaint. It is not our desire to go to such extreme lengths, so we will try to establish contact with the client. If that is to no avail, we will proceed with the DMCA complaint, and will notify the client 24 hours beforehand.


Content Plane offers revisions until the client is satisfied, if of course, the client doesn't abuse this privilege. However, we don't generally do refunds. The writers spend time working on your content, and it is delivered on time, error-free and high in quality. We strive and we write to achieve your utmost satisfaction, so instead of a refund we will provide content revision until you are satisfied with it.

We do require that you provide necessary information regarding the order so that we could act on it accordingly and provide exactly what you need.

However, the decision about the refund rests solely on the Content Plane.

Within three (3) days after the content delivery, you should either ask for a content revision or accept the order. If we don't receive a response during that period, the order will automatically be marked as complete by our system, and we will assume you are satisfied with the delivery.

Our dedicated professionals accept tips, too.

If you think that the personnel deserves a bonus, you can perform a regular payment. The sum will go to the writer (75%) and content manager (25%).

Terms of Service - Changes

Content Plane is by no means obliged to notify users about any changes to these Terms of Service. We can add and subtract text at our discretion. By using this website you agree that the responsibility to stay informed about the changes to these Terms of Service is solely yours, and that you accept all and any changes and their revisions.

We will attempt to inform our email subscribers and clients about all major changes, however, we aren't obliged to. Check this page to stay informed and read on your own accord. If you don't accept any of the terms above and are in disagreement with our Terms of Service, please refrain from using our website.

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