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How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

Through well-written website content, you can attract attention, introduce your business, connect with your target audience, and evoke a certain emotion that turns casual readers into returning customers. To protect your investments and boost your ROI, you need to populate your website with high-quality content. And to achieve high-quality content, you need to hire experienced writers for your blog or website.

Why Hire Writers?

If you think hiring professional writers for your business is a waste of money, think again. The first thing that your readers will see on your website is your website content. Poorly written articles will push customers away. It is hard for most people to take a business seriously if the website features grammatically incorrect content. Most entrepreneurs who hire writers for their blog or website do so because they do not have the time or the talent to create relevant, targeted articles. Well-written blog posts and articles add value to your business.

Benefits of High-Quality Content

Connect with Customers

Hiring a team of professional writers is a great way to liven up your website, add fresh voices to every blog post, and connect with people that matter: your target audience. Skilled writers are able to take all the information needed to highlight your business and monetize the information using carefully chosen words.

With a series of engaging, fresh, and relevant articles, you can attract the attention of your target market, form a stronger bond, and boost your online presence all at the same time. When you hire writers for your blog or website, you can present your business in an easy to digest form to prevent any confusion. Your writers will create blog posts that convey a simple message that gets people talking.


Whether you are pressed for time or you need a steady flow of up-to-date content for your website, you can fill your website with high-quality posts if you hire writers for your blog. You can either hire independent writers or an agency that specializes in blog writing to populate your blog with new content that resonates with your readers. A reliable team of professional writers ensures that your blog site is always filled with fresh content.


Although you can always get guest writers to develop content for your website, nothing beats a team of professional writers to maintain continuity in your online business. Paid writers make a great asset to the company because they will develop a deep understanding of your business overtime. They will form a relationship with your target audience, ultimately growing and developing your brand.

How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

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Place an Ad

There are many places for an ad for professional writers. To write an ad, outline the job description and the work process. List down the benefits of taking the opportunity and a target date to end the acceptance of applicants. Finish up by leaving your personal or company email. Set the filter so all the emails related to your ad will be filtered to a specific folder. From there, you can check the applicants’ credentials. Because article writing is a thriving business, you will have no trouble finding writers. However, finding a good writer takes more effort and a professional writing company offers services and can help ease the stress of looking for the right candidate.

Promote the Job Posting

If you’d like to widen your reach and attract as many applicants as you can, you need to promote the job listing to various channels. If you have a network of social media accounts, then get the word out by promoting the job posting. Share and re-share your ad, placing the link anywhere you’d like. If you have a weekly newsletter, don’t forget to add that job posting to let your subscribers know about the vacancy. You can also ask recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Shortlist Candidates

After amassing a number of applicants, it’s time to start interviewing each one and shortlisting potential candidates. Email the applicants to let them know that they’ve been shortlisted. After shortlisting the candidates, you can proceed with the interviews.

There are many ways to conduct an interview; you can do it via email, through chat or a video call. After shortlisting candidates, call each applicant and ask for more information about their experiences, previous writing samples, credentials, and so on. Compare all the information you gathered from the candidates to narrow down your choice.

Trial Posts

It is hard to gauge the skills of a writer unless you get the applicant to write a sample post with your own choice of topic. Explain to the applicant what you need, what angles to take to write the sample post and define the deadline. Testing the writer helps determine the skills of the applicant, his or her eye for details, and the average turnaround time to finish a short blog.  Compare all the samples you accumulated during the trial period and select the ones that you liked the most.

Make the Final Selection

After collecting and selecting a handful of submitted posts, it’s time to make the final selection. Looking at the credentials of the potential clients and their sample works, determine which one matches your needs and business the best.

It takes considerable time and effort to hire excellent writers for your blog. We will make the entire selection process easier so you can focus on your business. Content Plane is a professional writing service that provides quality content. If you want to attract more customers and promote your business globally, sign up today to get access to original, fresh, and well-researched content for your blog site.

Why Professional Copywriting is Critical to Business Growth

Why Professional Copywriting is Critical to Business Growth

Copywriting is an integral part of a successful company. It features written content, which is conveyed through either online media or print ads. Usually, businesses would hire professional copywriting services to generate sale copies.

The material is often used to market or advertise a specific product or service. Think of copywriting as a way to convince a person or a group of people why they should invest in your business. Apart from marketing your business, copywriting also builds stronger online presence and raises brand awareness. All these things matter once you start selling your products or services online. But why is a good copy important to your business’ growth? Let’s find out:

Promote What You Sell

An excellent copywriter can figure out exactly what you are selling and market the products/services in a tone that relates well to target audience. There is more to copywriting than simply composing a sales copy. You want the copy to resonate well with readers, connect with the customers’ emotions and trigger them to take action. Professionally done material features different angles taken to strike a chord in the reader.

Good advertising is not just about circulating information, it should also influence the mind. That’s exactly what a good sales copy does. The focus of the content is not limited to the product’s features and specs. Through a well-written copy, readers will learn how a certain product can change their lives and resolve a specific problem. Hiring professional copywriting services is the best way to promote your business while reaching out to your customer base on a more personal level.

Connection with Your Target Audience

As we mentioned above, there is more to copywriting than selling a product or a service. You want the words to connect well with your target audience. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Before writing a sales copy, you need to get to know your target audience. You need to know what makes them tick, what words to use to connect with their psyche, and what angle to focus on to persuade people to take action.

A professionally written sales copy comes with a tailored language, tone, and message to suit the target audience. However, not everyone has this gift. It is a real skill that takes years to perfect. Professional copywriting services employ seasoned copywriters who can fit every sales copy to your needs.

Marketing Segmentation

Present Your Story

One thing that all businesses – large and small – have in common is a story. Apple, Samsung, IKEA, Nike, you name it; every successful company has its interesting story, which has been told and retold a thousand times over to new and old customers alike.

You cannot present a product and persuade customers to buy it without coming up with a relatable story. Nothing draws people in like compelling content. And writing even a short ad requires skill and effort. A good sales copy should have an impact on the reader. A good copywriter can define your story and present it to your customers in a way that truly captures the mind and heart. Words have power and if you want to go for maximum impact, you have to choose your words wisely. A well-delivered story will eventually translate to more buying customers.

Send a Clear Message

When writing these stories be sure not the make them too complex and trip on your words, as you won’t be able to send a clear message across. This will leave your customers confused over what you want to convey, which could affect revenue. The problem with too-complex stories is that there are so many things to absorb. If the sales copy is too long, the readers will not waste their time finishing it. If the content is not well written at all, a copy will not make much impact to your target market.

The best way to send a clear message across is a well-written sales copy. A good copywriter can simplify even the most complex content. He or she can tone down the copy so it is easier to digest.

Unique Selling Point

All products and services have unique selling points and it is up to your copywriter to figure out what your business’ selling point is and present to breed familiarity. Marketing your business isn’t strictly about getting the word out. You have to strike the interest of the audience and make people look your way and eventually purchase your product. Instead of applying the same dated sales techniques and mimicking your competitors, you can present your company in a whole new way with a good sales copy, one that highlights the unique selling point of your product to reel people in.

Establish a Good Reputation

Did you know that copywriting improves in-office and public communication? You cannot come up with an excellent copy if your employees do not have a clear understanding of their jobs. The same thing goes for business partners, if they do not understand their role in the business, any marketing campaign will fail. A poorly written copy increases the risk of minor misunderstandings and sometimes, even full-blown lawsuits due to breaches of contract!

In public where you will be introducing service or product descriptions, agreements, and contract, the sales copy must be clear and concise to prevent confusion. The last thing you want is to make your customers feel tricked or used because of a vague sales copy. Opting for professional copywriting services helps to keep a smooth business flow. The fact is, copywriting matters in the office and beyond. You have to invest time and effort developing excellent sales copy to market your business and maintain a good reputation.

A trusted company that specializes in copywriting is all you need to take your business to the next level. Content Plane is a professional content writing service that provides quality content of any kind. Sign up now and start promoting your business to the global market.

Points to Consider When Choosing Article Writing Services

Points to Consider When Choosing Article Writing Services

Article writing services are companies offering quality content to clients, particularly website owners. These services cover everything from blog writing to term paper writing, at a set fee. And when it comes to article writing, there are thousands of agencies to choose from each with varying levels of quality. All of them claim to provide better service than their rivals. Choosing the right article writing company is important because poorly-written content could damage your business’ reputation. Below are the factors you need to consider first before hiring a writing service:

Type of Services Offered

Do not jump at the first article writing company that offers its services to you. This goes especially if you need a different kind of article writing for thesis, term paper, etc. The fact is the level of service these companies offer will vary greatly. Some article-writing firms only purchase ready-made papers that might not be suitable to your needs. Others offer customized articles made by professional writers. There are companies that hire writers from other parts of the world, while there are others that zero in on writers from the US and the UK.

Our advice is to conduct your own research, list down at least 5 different writing companies and learn what services each company offers. From there, you’ll know which of these companies offer the services you need.


No one wants to work with a company with a troubled past. If you want to save yourself the headache of dealing with a problematic article writing company, dig deeper to determine the reputation of your chosen writing firm. You can check customer reviews at the agency’s official website but beware, not all of these reviews are authentic. If you really want to get to know a company’s reputation, you have to search online for unbiased reviews.

Messenger boards or online forums are great places to determine the reputation of a certain article writing company or get referrals from other users. These places are full of people who went through the same situation as you so you are in good company. Some users are also willing to share horror stories and unimaginable ordeals to warn readers.  These stories will be useful to your search because you’ll know exactly what companies and situations to avoid.

Cost ManagementCost

The prices for article writing services will vary from agency to agency. Usually, the prices are listed on the company’s website. If the price list is not posted on the website, you’ll know the overall cost once you talk to an agency representative. Unfortunately, there is no real way of knowing how an assignment will turn out unless you pay for the service. For companies that offer writing services from highly skilled copywriters, expect to pay between $50 and $200 per hour. Independent copywriters could charge anywhere from $75 to $100 per hour. A blog post will set you back $50 to $100 dollars. But content writing for an entire website will cost you $5,000.

Our advice is to choose an article writing company that offers great prices for high-quality articles. Since depending on these services is a gamble, you have to choose an agency you can trust. Never settle for anything less if you paid a lot for a high-quality article. The fact is, it is better to spend more money on content that will turn casual readers to buying customers than pay less for content that will only damage your reputation.

Relevance to Your Business

Even the most expertly written article becomes useless if it does not highlight your business. The content must be relevant to your company. You want the finished product to represent your business and put your company in a great light. Remember, what matters most is the content of the article. If the content is not relevant to your business, then there’s no way you can attract people to pay for your service.

Again, the skill of the writer and the price for the job will be a factor to the end product. You want to hire a professional writer to provide the content for you. And you will pay more if you want to work with experienced writers.

Turnaround Time

Most types of articles have a timeframe so the turnaround time is one of the most important factors you need to consider when searching for the best article writing services for you. Simply put, if the agency did not deliver on time, do not hire the same company again. Certain types of articles have to be published at a certain time for SEO purposes. There are also times when the content has to be posted quickly to attract more customers. These content include flash sales, special promos, and other offers that expire quickly.

When writing a job description, be sure to include the deadlines and other factors related to the turnaround time.  A reputable article writing company will be upfront with their writers, coming up with a schedule to get the job done in time. This goes especially for articles that need to be completed in 24 hours or less. If the turnaround time is not as rigorous, we still recommend a target date so you can check the article and if needed, return it for editing.

Content Plane is a professional article writing service that provides quality content for your business. Regardless if your company is completely web-based or you’d like to strengthen your online presence, Content Plane will provide relevant, fresh, and well-researched content to promote your business globally.

Why Hire Professional Content Writing Services?

Why Hire Professional Content Writing Services?

There is more to establishing a stable online business than optimizing keywords or developing a marketing campaign. You need excellent content to draw people in. Your content will persuade, educate, and entertain readers from all over the world. Quality is more important than quantity and this especially goes if you want to establish a popular website. Usually, your website will be the first thing that your customers see when they go online. Through well-written content, your target audience will see what your business is all about and what you have to offer.

To deliver meaningful content you can either try and write it yourself or hire a service that will create the content for you. Unfortunately, not all people are good with words. If this is your case, opt for a professional service that can deliver well-written, up to date, and informative content. While there is nothing wrong with hiring an independent writer to take care of your website content, a full service ensures that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Content Writing Service

Effective Marketing

Hiring professional content writing services allows you to market your brand in so many ways! With a professional writer, you can create articles from scratch, develop a reputable brand, as well as promote and sell your services to your target audience. A professional writer can adjust his or her tone so the articles resonate well with your target audience. He or she knows the type of content that would appeal to a specific group of people that’s relevant to your business.

Optimized Content

Professional content writers are more adept at search engine optimization or SEO than their less-experienced counterparts. Marketing content online does not stop at writing fresh, informative, and relevant content. You have to optimize the post to ensure that it performs well online.

Search engine optimization is a process that optimizes content through the incorporation of relevant keywords and keyword phrases to boost a website’s ranking in all major search engines. These keywords and keyword phrases are terms that are more likely to be used by your target audience. The fact is, search engines – like Google, Yahoo, and Safari – focus more on well-written, high quality, and original content.

It is the writer’s job to determine which of these terms are best used for your website. When a website achieves better ranking, it will top the searches and this will lead to effective promotion online. SEO-optimized posts will definitely save you more time and money on online marketing.

Publishing Experience

Professional content writing services employ skilled writers who have extensive experience in web-based or print publications. Your business can provide well-written content that will attract and hold the interest of your target audience. Your website content will be published just as fast, allowing you to position yourself as an authority in your chosen industry. When you’ve successfully established your website as a source of quality content, customers will come in droves.

bigstock--123625718Maintaining High Quality

Consistency is everything when it comes to marketing a business online. Once you deliver high-quality content, your target audience will expect you to retain that level of quality. Opting for a professional service is the best way to maintain your website blog because the company employs seasoned writers for the job. You won’t have to sacrifice quality over quantity ever again. The service has its own editor who will check the content before it is delivered to you, ensuring that the content is exactly what you need.

Beat Deadlines

While there is nothing wrong with hiring an independent writer to create content for you, hiring a professional service is the safer choice because you know you are getting exactly what you are paying for. There are no nasty surprises over the course of your contract because the service employs professional writers for the job.

Professional writers will deliver work on time because they have a deadline to beat and targets to achieve. Professional content services employ disciplined writers who can provide work on time. And timing is critical to your business. Some articles have to be submitted on time as part of search engine optimization. Any delay could mean suspended submissions and wasted money. Professional content writing services value your time and respect a client’s deadline. The service provides the best work that your company needs to maintain its reputation.


If you think content writing services are expensive, think again! Most of these companies operate remotely, cutting cost effectively. Most service providers offer competitive long-term packages and affordable project based work.

However, do note that not all content writing services offer excellent work. When it comes to content marketing, you get exactly what you pay for. Settling for cheap services that yield poorly written articles could damage your reputation and ruin your investment. Our advice is to team up with a reputable service, one that’s well reviewed by past clients. Always ask for a service’s credentials or portfolio, check its online reputation, and get in touch with previous clients to assess the company’s professionalism.

Content Plane is a professional content writing service that provides quality content of any kind. Regardless if your business is completely web-based or you’d like to strengthen your online presence, Content Plane will provide relevant and up to date content to market your business.

The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

For most people, blogging is just one of many forms of writing. But did you know that blogging is a critical part of managing a business? And when done right, blogging can attract thousands of global customers to your website every day. Of course, not everyone has a way with words and hiring professional blog writing services became the norm.

Through blogging, you can set your company apart from your competitors. You can present unique ideas and insights, inspire your customers, and ultimately, generate more sales. If you are wondering what other benefits you get from blogging, continue reading below:

Boost Website Traffic

Well-written blogs are a great way to attract customers and turn casual readers into buying customers. Think of blogging as fishing, you have to make your website attractive before you reel in the big fish. All the valuable content you add to your website – including blogs – are indexed by major search engines. Once your target audience searches for a topic relevant to your business, your blogs will be the first things to appear in the listing. This increases the chance of getting more clicks from your target audience and boosts website traffic.

Relate to Readers

It’s hard to be relatable if your website features strictly business related content. And if you cannot relate to people that matter, it is hard to attract enough attention to stand out in any industry. A dedicated blog site on your website can serve as a platform where you can touch upon issues that are relevant to your target audience. Through blogs, you can present unique insights, show your own personality, and improve your brand’s likeability. When people relate to you more, they are likely to stop and listen to what you have to say. Using blogging as a platform helps inspire people and generate more sales.

Effective Social Media Marketing

It is hard to attract customers if your social media presence is sales oriented. While you can always share viral content on social media, you cannot convert views to profits as easily. Blogging is a great way to showcase your business without sounding too sales pitch-y. A well-written blog or two can boost traffic, have some value to the readers and of course, persuade people to purchase your product. Hiring reputable blog writing services is a great way to ramp up your company’s social media marketing efforts!

Build Authority Online

Building a business isn’t just about offering a service and promoting products. You have to position yourself as an expert in your industry to attract customers. Blogging gives you a platform to share valuable information and insights to readers. As you establish a wider readership, more and more people will start trusting your brand. Trust and familiarity work hand in hand. Offering fresh content regularly increases your conversion rates while developing authority in your field.

Lead GenerationIncrease Conversion Rate

A well-maintained blog site is like a goldmine for sales. Hiring blog writing services is the best way to reach out to your target audience. When you update your blog site with fresh, valuable content, you will build a wider readership. As you position your company as an expert in your chosen field, readers will come to you for information. This builds familiarity and loyalty, which may translate to higher conversion rates. A study by Hubspot found that a company’s overall return of investment increases exponentially for companies that maintain a blog. In fact, companies that prioritize blogging could see 13 times increase in ROI.

Build Inbound Links

What are inbound links and why are they invaluable to your online presence? An inbound link is a hyperlink that links your website to another website. The more links you scatter on the net that links back to your website, the stronger your online presence becomes. However, not all link backs are valuable to your SEO campaign. Only link-backs from trusted and relevant websites will boost your website traffic. As such, you have to be selective in terms of where you want your links to appear online.

Inbound links are important because they generate referral traffic back to your website. The fact is, people who usually click these links are already interested in what you have to offer. Convincing these people to purchase your product or service becomes easier by providing well-written blogs.

Generate Search Engine-Friendly Content

Your SEO campaign should include the integration of long-tail keywords to boost your website’s rankings in major search engines. Long-tail keywords are a set of keywords or phrases that your target audience is likely to use when searching for products, services, or information that you offer. Although you can go for short-tail keywords comprised of one or two search words (e.g. Chinese dumplings), the search word is too general to yield specific results. Using long-tail keywords is better because you have higher chances of ranking well for less common terms. These terms will ultimately lead to higher conversion.

A blog site filled with posts that are optimized with long-tail keywords are more accessible to your target audience. When you website is ranking well in searches, you are more likely to attract buying customers to your business.

A trusted company that specializes in blog writing services is all you need to take your business to the next level. Content Plane is a professional content writing service that provides quality content of any kind. If you are serious about jumpstarting your content marketing campaign right now, sign up today and start marketing your business globally.