How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

Through well-written website content, you can attract attention, introduce your business, connect with your target audience, and evoke a certain emotion that turns casual readers into returning customers. To protect your investments and boost your ROI, you need to populate your website with high-quality content. And to achieve high-quality content, you need to hire experienced writers for your blog or website.

Why Hire Writers?

If you think hiring professional writers for your business is a waste of money, think again. The first thing that your readers will see on your website is your website content. Poorly written articles will push customers away. It is hard for most people to take a business seriously if the website features grammatically incorrect content. Most entrepreneurs who hire writers for their blog or website do so because they do not have the time or the talent to create relevant, targeted articles. Well-written blog posts and articles add value to your business.

Benefits of High-Quality Content

Connect with Customers

Hiring a team of professional writers is a great way to liven up your website, add fresh voices to every blog post, and connect with people that matter: your target audience. Skilled writers are able to take all the information needed to highlight your business and monetize the information using carefully chosen words.

With a series of engaging, fresh, and relevant articles, you can attract the attention of your target market, form a stronger bond, and boost your online presence all at the same time. When you hire writers for your blog or website, you can present your business in an easy to digest form to prevent any confusion. Your writers will create blog posts that convey a simple message that gets people talking.


Whether you are pressed for time or you need a steady flow of up-to-date content for your website, you can fill your website with high-quality posts if you hire writers for your blog. You can either hire independent writers or an agency that specializes in blog writing to populate your blog with new content that resonates with your readers. A reliable team of professional writers ensures that your blog site is always filled with fresh content.


Although you can always get guest writers to develop content for your website, nothing beats a team of professional writers to maintain continuity in your online business. Paid writers make a great asset to the company because they will develop a deep understanding of your business overtime. They will form a relationship with your target audience, ultimately growing and developing your brand.

How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

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Place an Ad

There are many places for an ad for professional writers. To write an ad, outline the job description and the work process. List down the benefits of taking the opportunity and a target date to end the acceptance of applicants. Finish up by leaving your personal or company email. Set the filter so all the emails related to your ad will be filtered to a specific folder. From there, you can check the applicants’ credentials. Because article writing is a thriving business, you will have no trouble finding writers. However, finding a good writer takes more effort and a professional writing company offers services and can help ease the stress of looking for the right candidate.

Promote the Job Posting

If you’d like to widen your reach and attract as many applicants as you can, you need to promote the job listing to various channels. If you have a network of social media accounts, then get the word out by promoting the job posting. Share and re-share your ad, placing the link anywhere you’d like. If you have a weekly newsletter, don’t forget to add that job posting to let your subscribers know about the vacancy. You can also ask recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Shortlist Candidates

After amassing a number of applicants, it’s time to start interviewing each one and shortlisting potential candidates. Email the applicants to let them know that they’ve been shortlisted. After shortlisting the candidates, you can proceed with the interviews.

There are many ways to conduct an interview; you can do it via email, through chat or a video call. After shortlisting candidates, call each applicant and ask for more information about their experiences, previous writing samples, credentials, and so on. Compare all the information you gathered from the candidates to narrow down your choice.

Trial Posts

It is hard to gauge the skills of a writer unless you get the applicant to write a sample post with your own choice of topic. Explain to the applicant what you need, what angles to take to write the sample post and define the deadline. Testing the writer helps determine the skills of the applicant, his or her eye for details, and the average turnaround time to finish a short blog.  Compare all the samples you accumulated during the trial period and select the ones that you liked the most.

Make the Final Selection

After collecting and selecting a handful of submitted posts, it’s time to make the final selection. Looking at the credentials of the potential clients and their sample works, determine which one matches your needs and business the best.

It takes considerable time and effort to hire excellent writers for your blog. We will make the entire selection process easier so you can focus on your business. Content Plane is a professional writing service that provides quality content. If you want to attract more customers and promote your business globally, sign up today to get access to original, fresh, and well-researched content for your blog site.

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