How It Works

The process is simple and effective. With the quick turnaround you will have your content in no time!

1. Order Up!

Choose a plan that best fits your needs if you need a steady content supply, or simply submit a one time order.

2. Management and Appraisal

Our adept content manager will go through your brief in detail, and then he will select the expert writer for your particular niche. That means you will always get a content that is written by a pro in your related field. Once the text is complete, the writer sends it to the content manager.

3. Fine Tuning The Draft

Once the Content Manager receives the text, it goes through his scrutinizing inspection. He fine-tunes the copy until it's flawless, checking grammar, style and facts. He compares the outcome with client's original order and sees if the copy matches all of client's requirements. Then, content manager uses plagiarism-proofing tools like to confirm that the content is 100% unique.

4. Client's Revision

Client receives the text and either accepts it or returns it for further revision, including explanations and brief for the part of the copy that needs rewriting.

5. Silence Gives Consent

Client has 3 days to either accept the content in full, or to request further revisions. The system automatically marks the order complete after 3 days.

6. Support at Your Beck and Call

At any given moment, client can contact the content manager and check the status of his order.

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Donna J.

" I am running my own business and I simply don't have time to post regularly. I signed up with Content Plane, and blog is blooming, I have gained followers, got to the first page on Google, my email base has grown, and I have seen a substantial increase in leads. "

Alex M.

“ First we ordered one article, and then we were hooked! We chose a monthly plan, and Content Plane delivered what was promised ever since. We had issues with freelancers and agencies before, since after a while they would drop in quality, but this has never been an issue with Content Plane. ”

Richard D.

“ I run a history facts portal. All I have to say is: great and reliable service, no missed deadlines, superb support. I pay a fixed amount and get content with spunk and new traffic to my website. The return of investment is unbelievable, I have increased my readership and overall profits many times over. ”




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