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Press coverage builds credibility of your brand, can increase traffic to your website and raise overall brand awareness. But how to be noticed in flooded email inboxes where most press releases resemble each other?

You stand out. And Content Plane can help you with that. Everything starts with an interestingly crafted title that will catch journalists’ attention when they skim the emails in the inbox, separating wheat from chaff. Then in the very body of your press release, we will provide all important information that reporters might need and respond to questions even before they ask them. Regarding your readership, we will make sure that the content they receive really brings them value, which in turn they will appreciate. We can keep them interested even after they open the email.

Our writers are seasoned journalists that understand what works, and what doesn’t, what their colleagues would require, and what needs to be written. They are knowledgeable of the way of the press. You might say that we have the legit inside scoop that will help your press release reach just the right influencers.

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